SiA Culture Fund

Throughout the years the student of UiA have used the University bookstore "SiA Bok/Sørbok". This has contributed to generat positive financial results. Some of the profits is now being given back to the students through the SiA Cultural Fund.

The fund is intended for cultural purposes which are initiated by students. It's main target is to make student life at Agder University even more purposeful and eventful.

SiA's Culture Fund was established and is managed by SiA and it's main purpose is " contribute to the development of a wide range of cultural activities for as many SiA members as possible in the long run."


Apply SiA Cultural Fund


Who can apply?

All students can apply to the Culture Fund for funding! If you are a student and a member of SIA, and you have paid your tuition, you can apply for funding for just about anything, as long as it is defined as culture project and will benefit many of you fellow students. 

The Culture Fund is governed by a committee of three, listed in order of importance:

  1. Leader of Velferdstinget in Agder, or a person appointed by Velferdstinget.
  2. Chief Cultural officer in SIA.
  3. Chief Marked and Communications in SiA

Guidelines for applying

  • The application is done through an online form found on
  • The application must contain a description of the project, a budget and information on a contact person responsible for the project.
  • Students attending UiA or other places of higher education with affiliation to SiA may apply. Applicant must hold a valid student ID and have paid their semester fee.
  • Students may apply individually or as a group.
  • The funded project must be of use to, and to enjoyment to as many students as possible. Examples of this can be a sports happening, a play, a puppet show, a choir, song group or band; plan an exhibit, a conference etc.
  • You cannot apply for funding to a project already receiving any form of funding from SiA.
  • You cannot apply for funding for administrative costs or operation costs.
  • You cannot apply for funding for trips or events held outside of the university towns of Grimstad and Kristiansand.
  • You cannot apply for funding to social gatherings with no cultural or curricular content.
  • Applications for funding are processed by the committee two times each year, on March 1 for the spring semester and October 1 for the autumn semester. The committees’ decisions are final.

Final report

When a project is finished, a final report must be sent to SiA. This report must contain completed accounts of the project, how the Culture Fund was promoted, and a short report on the event/project itself. If the final report is not sent, the Culture Fund can demand a reimbursement of the funding money.


Closing date for applications:
1st of March and 1st of October


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