SiA organization

Statutory organization

The Agder Student Union operates in accordance with the Student Union Act of 28th June 1996, which states that the function of the society is to take care of the interests that relate to the individual's welfare needs at each educational institution.

SiA wants to facilitate conditions for students in Southern Norway that ensure the overall learning environment is the best possible. We do this by offering goods and services in the immediate locality of where the students are staying.


SiA is governed by a Board. This consists of 10 people: 5 student representatives, 3 university / college representatives and 2 staff representatives. The chairperson must, as far as practicable, be a student. The students thus have a majority in the board through the chairperson's casting vote. Read more about the composition of the board and the minutes of its meetings.

The CEO is the chief executive for the day-to-day running of the organization. The organization otherwise consists of operating departments, a health department, a real estate division and an administration division.

Operating Divisions (SiA Operations)

SiA Operations consists of departments that offer goods and services to all students. The offers cover the primary needs of each student. Everything must be offered at student-friendly prices. This includes:

  • Student Housing
  • Cafes
  • Kindergartens
  • Sports
  • Culture house
  • Bookstore

All operating units within SiA Operations must function in accordance with sound business principles, and an operating margin is set for each unit.

Health Department

SiA's student health service must complement the public health service. We want ensure that healthcare costs are kept to a minimum for each student and thus support a normal study progression. We offer, amongst other things:

  • Healthcare rebates
  • Psychology services
  • Psychosocial low-threshold services


These offers are largely funded by semester fees.

Property department

SiA's real estate department is responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of our buildings. In addition, the department is responsible for planning and execution of new construction projects.


In addition to the CEO, SiA's administration department consists of finance, ICT, HR and marketing / communication divisions. The main task of the administration is to provide support to the company's departments and employees.